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Our Story

Welcome to the website for De Angela & Associates! Our team believes that life should be lived with purpose and passion. Unfortunately, many causes of human misery are outside of our control. However, via community outreach and the provision of resources, the raising of funds, and the development of operations for those with restricted access, we can improve the lives and entire communities. 

On this website, you will find information about Hope Women  Empowerment non-profit goals and Mental Health Counseling services.



Hope Women Empowerment 

Hope Women Empowerment is  a non-profit organization that advocates for social and economic inclusion, and support of the girl child in sports, business, and education in Uganda.

Some specific goals for HWE:

  1. To promote the love for the education of the girl child in the Uganda region.

  2. To make the girl child feel catered to and improve their academic performance.


HWE, is a non - profit organization. If you would like to learn how to donate and support HWE young girls please email our Chairperson for Hope Women Empowerment Sam Semanda.

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Mental Health

Counseling and Education

De Angela & Associates' goal is to continue the initiative of providing

servant leadership through mental health counseling, training,

and education for BIPOC individuals and families.

To learn more about our counseling and education services please email: or follow the links below. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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